Beacon of Hope Center for Women

Our Share Happy shirts for the month of November 2015 went to the Beacon of Hope Center for Women, serving central Indiana. We were able to attend the 2015 Annual Handbags for Hope Event, which was an amazing afternoon to be a part of! Beacon of Hope provides counseling and services for women who are suffering in domestic violence situations. They also provide teen outreach services and a foster pet program. This is truly an inspiring group of women that provide hope and a way to a better life for so many. Did you know... a woman is abused every 9 seconds, one in every four households are being affected by domestic violence abuse, or that 25% of teens experience dating violence?  These statistics were very alarming for us to hear and we are so happy that there are organizations like Beacon of Hope to turn to. We were honored to give our positive message shirts to these women and hope even in a small way, they make a difference.

 Click here learn more about Beacon Of Hope Center for Women.