Camp Saturday Brave Hearts

 We are so honored to be able to donate our Share Happy shirts to this amazing organization! Camp Saturday Brave Heart is a week long camp serving children ages 5-18 who are burn survivors.  This camp is organized by The Peoples Burn Foundation, Jeff Saturday (former Indianpolis Colt) and his wife Karen Saturday. We were able to address the crowd of kids, parents and volunteers and reminded these kids how amazing they are and to always believe in themselves. With a smile on their face and a positive attitude in their minds they can accomplish anything! They all have something very special to share with this world!
Everyone involved pour their hearts into making this week very special for these amazing kids. We couldn't be happier to have donated to this event!

A special note from a parent to Zella Mae Inspirations:
"I personally want to Thank you all for the positivity y'all are portraying to others. The tee-shirts you guys donated to Camp Saturday Brave Hearts is completely awesome. The message is soo true "I am Brave, Strong, Smart, Kind, Awesome " is just what these kids need to always hear. As a parent of a burn survivor and a daughter with Epilepsy and other ailments, this message is intense. THANK YOU for taking the time out to get to know the staff and kids" - Tammyleigh Indianapolis, IN