Comer Children's Hospital

May 28, 2015 was a VERY exciting day! We donated our first batch of Share Happy shirts to children at Comer Children's Hospital in Chicago. There are absolutely no words to describe the feeling we both had the morning getting ready to take the shirts. From the time we started this company, we looked forward to the day when we could make a difference in people's lives. We hope the shirts will make the kids half as happy as they made us dropping them off!!
Children in the Hematology/Oncology unit at Comer Children's Hospital will receive these shirts during their visit. We hope that when the children wear the shirts it reminds them of how amazing they are and to always THINK POSITIVE! 
Be sure to check back often, we'll continue to update this page with more Share Happy stories and photos. Your purchases are making a difference in the lives of others - thank you!