Comer Oncology Picnic

Getting to spend the afternoon with the children and parent's at the Comer Oncology Picnic was an unbelievable experience! On August 2nd we were lucky enough to have the chance to donate our Wear Happy Shirts to the children at Comer Hospital in the Oncology unit. These children were either going through treatment or were survivors which filled our hearts with joy!! The children along with their parents and siblings came out for a fun filled afternoon! 

There were so many activities for the children at the picnic; face painting, photobooth, deep dish pizza, picnic tables where the kids could spend some time with their friends they had met at the hospital and best of all "rock the doc" which was a game the kids absolutely LOVED! 

All the children's doctors made it a point to attend the picnic which meant so much to the kids. For "rock the doc" all the doctors one by one put googles on and put there face in a photo cut out board (pictures below) and the children one by one all had a chance to smack the doctor in the face with a wet sponge! Man were the kids excited about this one!!! Some of the doctors made it out alright where as others had a pretty wet face once their turn was over =) 

The response from the kids and even the parents and siblings when they received the shirts were beyond our wildest dreams! We had so many of the children put the shirts on as soon as they received them while others told us "I'm going to save this shirt for when I go somewhere really special" We even had one little girl who had received a pink shirt while she was in the hospital however, she took a blue one home with her from the picnic because she LOVES them and wears it ALL THE TIME!!

Moments like this is what makes our jobs so important and meaningful. Our goal in starting this company was to make a recipient of the giveaway tee forget about what they were going through and be able to smile and think positive even just for a quick second, and at the Comer Oncology picnic our goal was complete!! Again, thank you for supporting our mission and continuing to buy our Wear Happy shirts and making it possible to keep these donations going!! The kids absolutely LOVE them!!!