ISU Dance Marathon

Donating our share happy shirts is by far the best thing about running our business. Another equally rewarding part is having the chance to connect with so many wonderful organizations that are bringing good into the world and making a difference in someone’s life. This month we had the pleasure of working with Indiana State University’s Dance Marathon! For those of you who are not familiar with the Dance Marathon here is a quick run-down.

Dance marathons are student-run events held all over the state on various college campuses in an effort to raise money for Riley Children’s hospital. The dance marathon is an exciting event where students, faculty, families, and patients of Riley attend to hear the big reveal on how much money was raised! The dance marathon this year lasted for 7 hours and you had to be dancing the whole time. It was certainly against the rules to sit down! The event is a great opportunity for the patients at Riley Children's Hospital to tell their story and have a night of nothing but FUN!

The kids not only get to have a night of fun, but they are also sent off with a wonderful goody bag filled with items that will make them smile! We were beyond excited to donate our share happy shirts to these amazing children who are fighting and dealing with something most of us could never imagine. These children are little fighters and definitely an inspiration to all of us. Being a part of this event and putting a smile on these kids’ faces meant the world to us! As always, we hope that our shirts will remind these children to keep being BRAVE, STRONG, KIND, SMART & AWESOME!