Madi's Miracle

Over the past two years we have had the honor of donating our Share Happy shirts to a very important and special organization, Madi's Miracle.

Starting Zella Mae and working with various children’s hospitals, burn clinics, and many others has opened my eyes and made me realize how extremely grateful we all should be for the life we live. You always hear stories about childhood cancer but it doesn’t become real until it’s someone you know, someone from your home town or someone you went to school with that will have to go through all the terrible things that come along with having a child with cancer. Just a few months after launching this company, I heard the terrible news of Madi Adams being diagnosed with Leukemia and it was absolutely heart breaking.

Madi Adams at the age of only 4 months old was diagnosed with JMML which is a very rare form of Leukemia, she was diagnosed November 27, 2014. After many tests it became apparent that she was in need of a bone marrow donor, and Madi and her family were blessed when they learned of an unbelievable young man who was a match and would donate! Four months after she was diagnosed, Madi had a bone marrow transplant and here we are 2 months later, Madi is doing absolutely fantastic. She’s at home with her momma and daddy and living life as a spunky, sweet little girl, as you can see from the pictures below!

Words could never describe or explain what this young family has went through. As I mentioned above, it doesn’t seem real until it’s someone you know but “real” is very far from what we as friends and outsiders are experiencing. Only Madi and her mom and dad experience the “real” in this situation. Madi is truly an inspiration to all and when you look at pictures of her now she’s “quite a little ham” as her Momma likes to say.

 After going through a year of stress and many tears, Madi’s Mom realized how much it meant to her when people stepped up and showed their support. It has inspired her to do the same for others and to help the parents and children who are now going through what Madi has went through.

Nicole and Madi have started making care packages which they have named Madipalooza bags, which they deliver to children in the stem cell unit at Riley Children’s Hospital. These bags consist of toys, games and many other fun things to help both the children and parents get through the difficult times. We are so excited to be able to donate our share happy shirts as part of those bags and as a reminder to the children and families to always BELIEVE, because nothing is impossible!  For as long as we can help we are so excited to always be a part of the Madipalooza bags!

You can follow sweet Madi and her story written by her beautiful Momma at

Again we would like to THANK YOU for helping us in our mission to spread positivity! All of our fans make it possible for us to put smiles on strangers’ faces when they are in need of a little inspiration. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make this happen!