PINK of Terre Haute

What better organization to donate to than PINK of Terre Haute for our October donation? With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month we wanted to do something for the brave and courageous women that are diagnosed with breast cancer in the Wabash Valley,  so we teamed up with PINK of Terre Haute to donate our Share Happy shirts! We have many loyal followers in this area and are thrilled to be able to donate back to our hometown! This amazing organization puts together care bags for every woman in Terre Haute, IN that is diagnosed with breast cancer. On October 24th 2015 we were honored to donate a year's worth of shirts to this organization to add to their care bags! Our shirts have a message which reads "Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life" and we hope that when each recipient receives their shirt they are reminded to always try and stay positive in their current situation and to keep the positive vibes flowing! 

We were also lucky enough to get to attend their fundraising event this year which turned out to be a great success! We are continually humbled by the support that we have received and could not be more excited each time we are able to give to these meaningful charities each month!